How do you finance your home when interest rates hike?

Since March 2022, the Federal Reserve (FED) has already increased its benchmark interest rate by 2.25 percentage points. FED actions impact mortgage rates. It's time for homebuyers and homeowners to look for other financing options besides the conventional fixed-rate mortgage loan.

Finance Your Home

Adjustable-rate mortgages

More and more purchasers are considering adjusting-rate mortgages (ARM) to fund their home purchases as ARM rates are typically lower than fixed rates. You can benefit from a cheaper ARM mortgage rate in two ways – either purchasing a home for the same amount as originally planned while paying a lower monthly mortgage or buying a more expensive home while keeping your monthly payment…

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Best method to use real estate to generate income

Property investment

Are you at a standstill when it comes to figuring out the best method to use real estate to generate income? During these times when the market is uncertain, it may be tiresome to think about how to make the most out of property investment. Let's talk about some strategies that may ease your mind.

Real estate investors frequently argue about whether it is better to concentrate on cash flow or appreciation when developing an investing strategy. The purpose of investing is to make money, but how you do so is important. Although both have advantages, in my opinion, investors should concentrate on cash flow prospects when property prices are high, as they are right now. You could get into trouble by…

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